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Ashokarishta - Ayurvedic Tonic for Female Menstrual Health


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What is Ashokarishta? 

  Is Ashokarishta useful to reduce gynaecological or menstrual problems?


Ashokarishta is the best ‘female tonic’ or ‘uterine tonic’and treats all menstrual problems in an ayurvedic natural way, thus giving no side effects. Administering Ashokarishta regularly can save women from any menstrual treatments that may have serious adverse effects, such as hormone therapy or surgery.

Ashokarishta is mainly made out of the bark of Saraca asoka (also called Saraca indica), a small evergreen tree native to India. The tree is called Asoka (or Ashoka, Ashok, or Sita Ashok) in India. Its bark is rich in tannins and cyanidins.



What are the ingrdients of Ashokarishta ?

Ingredients of Ashokarishta : Herbal Blend 10 ml. croton polyandrum,  Aloe vera, Ashoka, iron powder, Ginger, Purnarnava, Long pepper, Clove, cinnamomum casia, Tej patta, mesua ferrea, Chitrak, Vidanga, blepharis edulis, saindapus officinalis, Chavika, Coriander, Kutki, Nagaramustaka, Daruharidra, Haritaki, Bibitaki, Amalaki, Rasna, Devdaru, Cardamom, Turmeric, clematis triloba, Yastimadhu, iris germanica, Atibala, Gokshura, Shankpushpi, balanites inguai, honey, Akarakarabha, symploco racemosa, cassia angustifolia, Long pepper , Juniper, Dhuara, 1 - 2% self generated alcohol



What is the dosage of Ashokarishta ?

Dosage :  These are taken in doses of 10-40 ml (about 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce), two to three times per day, after meals or as directed by your health practitioner.


Buy Ashokarishta (Ashol Tablets) Here With Secure Paypal for 24.9$ only

What are the menstrual health benefits of Ashokarishta ?


Menstrual Health Benefits of Ashokarishta :

Buy Ashokarishta (Ashol Tablets) Here With Secure Paypal for 24.9$ only





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