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Maturity/ Puberty At An Early Age In Girls:

Question in many mothers’ minds:
‘Got periods so early!!!!! Got periods at such a minor age!!!’
‘Compared to the time when I turned mature and got periods, why did my daughter attain maturity at such an early age? ‘
‘Why are today’s girls getting periods at such an early age?’

Are you worried because your daughter is showing signs of maturity or has attained puberty and has got periods at an age as early as 8 or 9 years?

Relax & Calm down….. There is no need to panic unless your daughter gets periods at an age even earlier than 8 years.

The current generation girls attain maturity at a very early age compared to the previous generations.

Ideally, your daughter must attain puberty at almost the same age as you had. But times have changed along with the surrounding situations and so has the average age of attaining puberty in girls!





The reasons behind girls attaining puberty at an early age are mainly the following:

Social Issues:




Childhood Obesity :


Emotional Depression :

The best way to make your girl attain puberty and get periods at the right age is to keep her healthy (but not fat) physically and stable emotionally.


Take Care: