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Remedies for Pubic/Butt Rashes or Skin Infections in Periods due to Sanitary Napkins/Pads

Being a lady, I can understand your difficulty to deal with the rashes, acnes & boils due to the use of sanitary napkins or pads that we have to use in periods.

Here are some easy ways to prevent or get rid of these highly irritating rashes, boils  of  periods and avoid any kind of infection at the highly tender & sensitive  pubic or butt region that is caused due to sanitary napkins or pads in the days of periods.

Follow these few simple things and you would be highly relieved of those rashes, boils and skin irritations.


Prevent (Reduce) sweat in pubic and butt region in periods :

Loose fitting jeans, salwar or skirt ensures air flow around your pubic and butt region thus keeping the air fresh. Also, the sweat along with the blood flow, absorbed in your sanitary napkin or pad, at the time of periods,  makes the situation unhygienic. Loose jeans or salwar help considerably to reduce the sweat in the tender pubic and butt region, thus preventing any skin irritation in that region in the form of boils or rashes.

Absorption of sweat in pubic and butt region in periods :

Sweat being the cause to develop unhygienic atmosphere in the pubic and butt region, especially in periods, put talcum powder over the pubic as well as the butt region so that the sweat, that is developed in that region or is stuck in sanitary napkins/pads, is absorbed by the talcum powder keeping optimum possible freshness in the continuously enclosed, prone to infection, soft and tender pubic and butt region.


Best Quaility Soft Sanitary Napkins/ Pads :

The surface of your sanitary napkin/ pad, gets rubbed continuously against your soft tender pubic and butt skin and this irritation is the major cause behind any kind of rashes, boils or skin irritations  in the pubic and butt region at the time of your menstruation phase. The friction between soft cotton surfaced sanitary napkin/ pad and your skin is very less as compared to that between synthetic plastic surfaced sanitary napkin/ pad and your skin. 

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  • Extra soft cover to keep you dry and comfortable and RASH-FREE.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Change Sanitary Napkins/ Pads Repeatedly :


On last Day, use direct Soft Cotton Lump :

The usage of soft cotton on the last day of periods prevents the excessive and unnecessary rubbing of your tender pubic and butt skin against the artificial pads or the sanitary napkins.

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The DivaCup holds the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 510k Medical Device Number and the Health Canada Medical Device License. Diva International Inc. is also ISO 13485 Certified, which ensures the highest quality in production, packaging and distribution of The DivaCup. The Diva Cup is made of the softest medical grade silicone, which is latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless.
  • Diva Cup is the Winner of the 2007 Silver Award of Excellence from Alive
  • Diva Cup includes Daisy Pin and Cloth Carry Bag
  • Diva Cup Model 1 and Diva Wash 6 oz (177 ml)
The Diva Cup saves time and money. You don't have to worry about carrying enough tampons or pads when you leave the house. It gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You do not have to let your period control your life.
It might take you a while to decide to try this item, but you would be really glad you did! No more chemical ridden tampons or bulky sanitary napkins!Diva Cup not only makes your period easier and more convenient , but it also helps the environment by keeping tampons and pads out of landfills! For those of you thinking that a menstrual cup is dirty- you will be amazed! It is so much cleaner than using tampons and pads.


Already Developed Skin infections & Rashes in butt region due to sanitary napkins/ pads durind your Periods?


Take the following care and your menstrual life would be definitely happier:


Do NOT SCRATCH in Pubic or Butt Region:

Basil (Tulsi) Leaves Paste

KailasJeevan - Boon for Women Harrassed with Pubic or Butt skin Infections in Periods :.

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